Thursday, April 26, 2012

Two kinda neat products

Jerry the Bear is a soft Teddy with blinking eyes, insulin injection sites, and a glucose level display.

Jerry is for kids with Type 1 diabetes.

He was conceived by two Northwestern students in a design contest—patterned along the lines of Rufus the Bear With Diabetes.

Jerry, unlike Rufus, has a meter on and his eyelids droop when his sugar is low. He also comes with pretend foods to help him manage his condition.

Check out… I don't think Jer is for sale yet--they may be looking for investors.

The second product is a Salinity Monitor Spoon. You dip it in a heated food and it kicks back the sodium content.

Yes, you already have the food in front of you and have to pay for it—but it it’s “salty,” you can eat less. That’s the theory anyway.

This baby is $57.

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