Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wellness smellness

I admit it—I cannot stand the word “wellness.” And I like to make up words and savor madeup words.

It’s so forced, so vague.

I guess it means “well being,” sort of. The absence of sickness or vague symptoms of discomfort.

Does it mean full-on, beaming, run around the block “healthiness”?

And it’s often combined with “health.” Health and wellness. Is there a difference? Maybe you can be “healthy,” but not FEEL healthy, so you lack wellness. I don’t even know.

Insurance companies want to guarantee our wellness, somehow—and violate our free will and privacy doing it.

Constant checkups and testing to find and followup every little thing can lead to anxiety—ooo, that isn’t wellness. But if something is wrong and it’s "fixed,” does wellness ensue?

I am babbling now. This is just an annoying word.

Did your doctor ever use it to you? Mine, either.

I propose a new one--unsickness.

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