Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Are you a problem patient?

I am.

I want to see studies. I want to ask questions. I may not do what the doctor “orders.” I dislike “ordering” in any form.

I want to “consult” my doctor—talk a minute. I want my doctor to “get” me.

Newsweek had a story on how doctors these days with their huge patient loads and low reimbursements barely know your name.

I have followed doctors into the hall with my questions—they were checked out, gone, I was history.

I don’t want an hour-long appointment. Why won’t I lose weight—because I tried all my life and it came back. End of that one.

Health Affairs (May issue) says patients who make decisions “along with” the doctor are better informed. When informed, they may take a lower cost alternative.

Patients need to be able to question the doctor. A study at the Palo Alto Medical Research Institute finds than some patients are afraid to not be a “good patient” – meaning compliant.

I had a doctor once demand, “Who went to medical school, you or me?”

Uh, I guess you. But your point is?

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