Friday, May 11, 2012

Clothes for teeny weenie preemies

My niece was 2 lbs at birth—she is now grown and her son was normal weight—but it was scary.

Julie Howard, a Virginia mother, had a much scarier time—her IVF pregnancy went awry and she almost died. Her son also had rare abnormalities—and was not expected to survive. He is now two and cranking along pretty well at 29 months. He can walk or even run a little and spouts Spanish and even some Chinese.

They weren’t sure he would ever talk, so they taught him sign language, which he also uses.

Julie left the Army to take care of her baby and saw a need—the onesies and clothes she could find were too big for her son—by far!

“His feet didn’t even come to where the knees were,” she says.

She founded It’s a Preemie Thing ( The site has dresses and duds with cute sayings, such as “I am older than I look.” Or “No, really, I am 1.”

Got one of these little angels around someplace—check out the site.

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