Monday, May 14, 2012

Drink flavor--not cals or carbs

It’s water, with a HINT of flavoring such as watermelon, honeydew, hibiscus, blackberry, mango grapefruit, pomegranate-tangerine, lime, raspberry-lime, pear, cucumber, and strawberry kiwi.

Now it also comes in fizzy water—like Perrier only fruitier.

Ten thousand retailers carry it—

It also has been “placed” on Grey’s Anatomy, Boston Legal, and CSI.

When I see it on the Cocktail hour of TODAY, I will be impressed.

I tried it—tasty. And, I concede, probably better than the sugary drink mix we often indulge in around here.

But I would not say it’s a poor person’s dream bev.

Still, throw down a few bottles and see what you think. No aftertaste like Diet Coke. Also no aspartame, which I distrust.

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