Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Facebook a kidney

Now, US and UK Facebook members can register as kidney donors on FB.

If you are already a donor (on your driver’s license, say) you can also put this on your FB page if you use Timeline.

Zuckerberg says he was inspired to do this because of Steve Jobs’ efforts to get a liver. His girl friend is also a med student—and pushed for this.

More than 112,000 Americans are waiting for organs—18 die each day waiting.

I am not sure what you do if you need an organ—how does this mesh with UNOS…Do you got to the page and press LIKE. As in yes, please, I would like one?

Anyone know?

As for whispers that this is just to make FB look good for it's upcoming public offering, some people are so mean, aren't they?

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