Thursday, May 24, 2012

How one celeb did it

I happened to scan a sort of wandering story by Jeff Vrabel in Men’s Health (Feb 1, 2012). I am always interested in how the beautiful stay that way. Well, actually, I am also interested in why with all their money and time and need for perfection, they sometimes don’t stay that way.

Zac Efron is in THE LUCKY ONE, which involves Marines in great shape.

Zac met some—he observed they were short like him, but also stocky and solid. He trains—first involving a simulated firing range. His trainer was a former SEAL.

He ate a lot of protein and gained 18 lbs. He lived on eggs and protein shakes. He reported a “debilitating soreness.” He no longer could walk a golf course. But he could lift!

What lessons were learned? First, to get a Marine bod, you need a comprehensive approach—according to the Navy SEAL. Sleep. Cut stress. Controlled eating.

Quality workouts—not quantity. Zac worked out an hour at a time, five days a week. Not like those loopy Biggest Loser people.

You can go old school—not a lot of fancy equipment. Just old-fashioned power lifting, squats, dead lifts, etc.

You have to stick with it—the body does not appear overnight.

What if you sort of trail off the 8-egg omelets? They didn’t say. So I would be guessing.

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