Thursday, May 03, 2012

In this vein...

Women, especially, dislike ropey leg veins and aching legs.

Luckily, we can do without the veins near the surface. If they splay out or cause trouble, we can “kill” them.

If our health plan agrees or we can afford it.

Varicose veins make your legs feel heavy or throbbing. They can itch or feel numb. You can get leg cramps at night—or restless leg syndrome.

This can also escalate to clots and sores.

There are valves in your leg veins to keep blood pumped down there from pooling in your feet. When these don’t close, the blood settles in the veins and they expand.

By 50, half of adults will have this.

There are many approaches—usually involving heat or radio frequency energy to seal the vein shut. (They used to strip the vein out, which required a lot of recovery time.)

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