Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Is a failing brain inevitable?

First, some people live long lives and stay sharp. So that isn’t fair—or at least not equal.


Others start having senior moments and worrying and this impairs the joy of life. Big time.

But all this is relatively new. People used to die before 50. Now, they decline.

The brain shrinks in size. The groves widen and the raised places flatten out.

Supposedly in some people, goo forms and interrupts signals—but now scientists aren’t sure that is the cause of Alzheimer’s.

Maybe less of the chemical dopamine is produced—this also accounts for Parkinson’s, they think.

So what are we left with—lifestyle changes are worth a try. Weight should be normal (they always say that, don’t they?). You need to think a lot to keep the connections going (that puzzle deal).

Exercise is good—again, a favorite.

Eight hours sleep a night.

Normal blood pressure.

And cut stress.

Oh, please—cut stress. This whole segment is stressing me!

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