Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sperm banks test--but risk remains

Jacqueline Mroz, NY Times News Service, says yes, most sperm banks test for a range of genes and genetically transmittable disorders, but using “store bought” sperm is still a crapshoot.

Yes, yes, once again, this is something I know about. I pursued Artificial Insemination by Donor and then met my kid’s dad. Now, all that remains, is the kid.

But they do give you the impression that they are removing risk—and they may not be. Having a child is a risk—everything is a risk. Conceiving with someone you met at Happy Hour is a risk—or you could catch something, too.

Also some donors are “contributing” to a lot of new people—and these people could meet and date. Ack! There is something called the Donor Sibling Registry. This is to help half-sibs hook up but not as mates.

The FDA makes banks test for communicable diseases in the sperm—but not genetic problems.

Life is messy—face it.

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