Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tumbling on the rough

Melissa Kossler Dutton writes on playground surfaces. Yes, the little angels do go flying off equipment and get major boo-boos.

Some people sort of put pillows underneath play equipment—in the form of shredded rubber.

Asphalt and concrete—well, they are hard.

Up to seven feet high, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends 9 inches of mulch or padding.

Wood mulch is less expensive than rubber but breaks down over time and has to be augmented.

Sand an pea gravel get spread everyplace.

Under the mulch—they recommend a plastic barrier to prevent weeds.

They try that out here in yards—it can look like a dog’s dinner. All scrappy and showing.

Other tips—keep equipment away from fences, trees, wires, and streets.

Be sure the equipment is bolted properly and maintained.

If it’s wood—look for splinters and sand if necessary.

Don’t have a rope for kids to swing on—it can loop around…and strangle.

Oh, great.

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