Monday, May 07, 2012


Polly Baughman, Arizona Republic, May 2, 2012, writes about drug recalls. These can be tricky—because, of course, you already took the stuff and may need to continue to.

Consumers apparently are getting more uptight about this and signing up for warning emails at MedWatch—an FDA service at You can also get updates from the Consumer Product Safety Commission—

Better yet, check out (all products, not just medications).

Subject to recalls are drugs for humans and animals, medical devices, vaccines, blood and blood products, transplantable human tissue, and 80% of the foods in the US.

If a prescription drug is recalled, there is a record that you got it—and you will or may be contacted. Over-the-counter—you are basically on your own.

Keep your eyes open. It’s your body.

Don’t just stop taking a prescriptions drug without asking the doctor’s office, though. This can be bad.

Yeah, that check with the doctor deal. I know it's a pain.

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