Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wheels coming off over here

Now it’s the dog—and me. Both! First, I had some weird kidney function number—but can only afford one specialist copay a month, and it’s going to be for my blind eye—so the doctor will know me if the other one starts to go.

Sooo….the kidney specialist will wait a month or so…Cardiologist is also a possibility—but everything wrong with me almost is from stuff cardios recommended and I, foolishly, did.

Then I noticed my rescue poodle Jim was pooping anyplace and standing and staring. Dr Google says he may have Doggy Dementia. So…naturally, I decided he needs a good shampoo and haircut to cheer him up. The vet will just cost a lot and say, “Wait..your dog needs a ton of shots…”

So now I have a shaggy dog who never gets an inch from me—they say this is so I, as pack leader, can protect him in his weirdness…some instinct thing.

So I told my kid this…and she said she had issues, too. I said, “You are only 30—back off a while.”

We don’t know how old the dog is—he was a rescue…Over 10, I think.

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