Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ah, sounds of summer

According to Loyola, summer is nice and all, but it’s dangerously noisy.

Concerts, blaring parades, fireworks, construction—ouch.

Boy do they live in a more exciting place than I do—seriously, parades?

Still one in 10 people has a hearing loss that affects their ability to understand speech. My kid is 30 and she says she NEVER hears me.

Try these on for comparison sake:

Soft whisper—30 decibels
Conversation, typing—60
Expressway traffic—70
85 decibels—earplugs needed here and above
Lawnmower, subway—90
Rock concert—115
Shotgun blast—

Shotgun blast? Well—you see where this is going.

Loud noise can kill nerve endings. They don’t come back. Ear buds deliver the killing levels right into the ear.

So, do what you want. Who wants to hear all this nonsense so well anyhow? Of course, if you do…then heed.

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