Monday, June 04, 2012

Artisanal ketchup

What is artisanal—made in small batches—all artistic? I don’t know. But it’s hot now.

I tried some artisanal ketchup—now that is a pretty downmarket item to be artisanal but what can I say?

It was delicious! Sweet and tangy.

New Jersey tomatoes are famous—huge, flavor packed, you can imagine yourself with a salt shaker in the garden plunging into one like a big apple!

These babies do not ripen in a train car with gas—they suck down nutrients from the vine out in the field until ketchup-ized.

You can get this from

Oh—and this stuff has 60% less salt, 50% less sugar, and 25% fewer cals than the “H” kind in the tall bottle.

Yuh-um! Like summer on the tongue.

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