Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Do women ever outgrow fat obsession?

My mother is 94 and still hesitates to eat a candy bar. After saying, “I shouldn’t,” she wolfs it down.

She is tiny and thin and always has been.

People never seem to get over the should and shouldn’ts regarding food. Or some people.

Janice Lloyd, USA Today, says a recent survey in the International J of Eating Disorders says 62% of those polled said weight or shape has had a negative impact on their lives.

It has ruled mine! Especially with a fat-hating thin mother.

Thirteen percent of women 50 and older have eating disorders—still.

These have physical and emotional consequences. Forty-one percent in this study checked their weight every day. More than a third had been on a diet for at least half of the last five years.

Older women ran the gamut of approaches—pills, excessive exercise, diuretics, laxatives, and vomiting.

Food can regulate mood in these difficult times.

Well, duh.

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