Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Family dinner

You know those big Sunday feeds on NBC’s “Blue Bloods”? I always wonder what the food cost.

Our family ate together Thursday and Sunday nights. Otherwise, my father dined alone, the way he liked it.

The Family Dins always turned into horrible renditions of everything we kids had done wrong, anyway. Often tears were the dessert.

My adult kid lives with me and we eat at different times…I tend to each early, and I mean early—like 2 PM! I am hungry then and that finishes the day.

Every person is different.

They looked into this at Temple, and said family dinner was waning due to heavy work schedules. For fathers—the mothers had in earlier studies been tagged with being too busy (guilt, guilt).

Temple looked at 3,709 parents of teens, many from racial minorities and lower income groups—only 64% of the dads were employed full time. Yet they often worked long hours.

Fast food figured. Parents were less inclined to provide and push the ever-popular veggies.

Parents also had stress levels that contributed to less food prep.

Some possible changes—let teens help with shopping and cooking. Teach them to cook.

My Mom was a home ec teacher—no wonder we can’t cook.

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