Friday, June 15, 2012

Get the most from the pediatrician

We once went to a doctor who had a sign that said—“We only answer one question.”

Yeah, good times.

Anyhow, Loyola has some tips for the pediatrician visit—and the first one is lose the small talk and ask the most important questions first. Usually those are disturbing for some reason and people leave them for last. Last may not come.

Try to stick to THREE concerns.

Make use of the office nurse. Ask them your questions. They know a lot.

Make sure the doctor has your phone and address—often this is wrong in the chart.

If you need permissions for school, fill out as much as you can.

Don’t bring friends of the kids to the doctor. Sibs can also wander around and get into things.

Schedule the annual physical before the end of the summer.

Good advice—we had a 75-yr-old German pediatrician. She was old school, baby. But you could get info from her.

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