Monday, June 11, 2012

Pet meds

As I said a few days ago, my dog Jim was ailing—is ailing—not sure which. He would not get more than once inch from me—even followed me into the shower…a first. He would not eat.

Finally, I got the mobile vet who came in her truck and looked him over. She thought he might have congestive heart failure. She prescribed Vetmedin, a heart concoction—said I could get it from Costco. I am not a member and the person who is in my life did not offer to run to Costco, so I went to the company on TV—1800PETMEDS.

Yipes! $90!!! I said, well, I was going to get it from Costco. She said—we price match Costco—and also some internet sites…I went to some and found it for $55. She matched it. I don’t think she planned to tell me this—so I am telling YOU this. Ask about it.

There was also a story in the Arizona Republic by Georgann Yara on a compounding pharmacy around here that specializes in pet medicines. It’s called Diamondback Drugs.

This place not only makes up individualized meds for dogs and cats, but also zoo and aquarium animals—sometimes inserting the meds into Rice Krispie Treats. They also have flavors such as banana and tuna.

They get requests from all over the world.

Check out

Jim does not need this yet—but good to know.

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