Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Watch those wire grill brushes

A friend has a sort catch on one side of her throat and is facing a “scoping.” Could it be from cleaning the grill with a wire brush? You know—a stray wire lodged in her neck?

Apparently, this is sort of common—or the wire pieces get past the neck into the intestines and poke through there—very bad.

One hospital in Rhode Island started looking for this—and found 6 of these in 18 months.

I also found a film on YouTube showing a youngster with a bristle lodged who had to have 3 hrs surgery and got a 4-inch scar in his neck.

If the bristle gets down in the intestine, you may need part of your intestine removed—big pain, big scar, big cost.

One doctor said use the hose instead. Works for me.

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