Friday, June 22, 2012

Yes, you can overdo exercise

Fitness obsessives are like anorexics. Tatiana Boncompagni, Marie Claire, July 2012, talks about some women who push, pull, run, lunge and force themselves to trembling exhaustion all day. All for the Size 0-0.

Yes, there is now one with TWO zeroes.

This can backfire big time. It does not take this to reach top conditioning.

The good news is that more people are exercising. There are 50% more marathon finishers than in 2000. Yoga is huge. Intense boot camps are everyplace.

Fear makes people overexercise. They feel that if thy break the spell, fat will fly in and glom all over them!

They like the control—the routine.

But the tireder you get—the worse your form—and the more likely an injury. You can even screw up your metabolism. Or get a heart issue.

Work out smarter---not longer, one expert says. Alternative hard and easier, high impact and low.

I promise you no fat is waiting to fly out and clap onto you.

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