Monday, July 23, 2012

Five seconds to DEATH! Or not

I love the Five-Second Rule. If you drop something, even something moist, and grab it within five seconds, it won’t accumulate enough deadly germs and bacteria to make you sick.

I am sticking to that.

When my kid was a baby, she had a pacifier and at first we washed it off when it fell, then in about a week, we said, “More antibodies” and stuck it back in her mouth.

She lived!

But now—some buzzkills at Loyola says anything that drops is instantly contaminated.

The new rule, they say, should be when in doubt, throw it out.


But the professor says even he employs the five-second rule sometimes. If the item only gloms onto 1,000 bacteria and it takes 10,000 to make you sick, well, you dodge one.

Of course, you could be sensitive—the doctor added—not one to give up, apparently. He also said if something fell in the toilet, the rule should not apply. This guy does not relent.

One thing he was clear on—don’t lick off that pacifier. I never did that. I did everything else, but not that.

I would say a potato chip on a table—probably OK.

A wet piece of candy into street goo—maybe no longer edible.

Did someone pay for this study? That is truly sickening.

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