Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gifts for special needs kids

Money is tight, but kids still want gifts. What about special needs kids? Do you need to get all elaborate and do a lot of research?

Elisa Mintz Delia, a play therapist at Kennedy Krieger, says this is not necessary.

Choose toys based on the child’s interests. Ask what the kid likes, if the child can communicate that way—or see what toys he or she chooses.

Choose toys that build skills—Legos, fingerpaints.

Try to match the developmental level—say a 13-yr-old has the skills of a 1-yr-old—give a rain stick, not a rattle.

Think if a toy will build confidence—or will it be frustrating.

Make sure toys conform to safety standards.

Color is also a factor, I think. Toys should be fun!

Sometimes—remember—kids play with the box, not the toy.

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