Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mature you like that word?

Mature skin…do you like that word?

I hate senior, mature, codger, biddy, old, elderly, etc. Maybe experienced is OK.

I digress. Most old people I know are not mature at all—they whine, write rants like this, and so on.


Cara Hedgepath, USA Today Weekend, writes about how to apply makeup to what’s left of our faces.

She quotes Sandy Litner and Lois Joy Johnson, authors of The Makeup Wakeup, on how to slap some warpaint over cracks.

Move your blush to the top of your cheekbones from the apples of your cheeks.

Trade in your base for one that’s lighter in texture and tone.

Bag the metallic shadows—stick with a peach or honey.

Stick with dark eyeliner if you use it—black, brown. Forget green, blue and purple.

I use lipstick for blush—I should probably be shot.

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