Monday, July 02, 2012

Power is out! Now what

Bonnie Berwick, Washington Post, July 1, 2012, addresses the huge power outage in the Washington DC area. In some areas of suburbia, the power may be out a week!

What about the refrigerated or frozen food?

A free standing freezer, closed the whole time, can stay acceptably cold for 2-4 days.

Get some dry ice or several frozen packs and put perishables in a well-insulated cooler. A 50lb block of dry ice will keep the contents of an 18-ft freezer cold for 2days.

Not all partially defrosted food is dangerous—if kept below 40 or with ice crystals, beef, veal, ground meat, casseroles, soups, cheeses, flour, and frozen meals are probably OK.

If dairy, poultry, meat, seafood, fresh pasta, soy meat substitutes and leftovers have been 40 degrees or more for more than 2 hrs—toss them.

Never taste food to see if it’s OK—and don’t rely on smell.

Have a big barbeque for meat. I added that—why not?

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