Thursday, July 12, 2012

Safe tans--no sun anyplace

Joshua Fox, founder of Advanced Dermatology Center for Laser and Cosmetic Surgery, says no tan is safe if it involves UV rays.

But we knew this, right?

Yet—tanned skin is one of the most highly rated aspects of attractiveness.

Fox and his colleague Meryl Blecker Joerg, MD, say self-tanning (as opposed to sun tanning) products in airbrush form, creams, or towels are constantly being improved.

They say the Oopa Loompa Orange look is now gone. A plant-derived carb binds to proteins on the skin’s surface causing them to darken.

Also being churned out—preparations based on walnut shells, paraben-free products, coffee bean extracts, and other “natural” products.

The biggest risk is thinking the self tanner is protecting you in the sun—you still need to use a block.

As for tanning beds—where do you think you are—New Jersey? Fugeddaboutit.

PS I read a story in Allure by some spray tanning professionals—the people who spray your nude self—and they talked about how nervous people were about their bodies. I dunno—made pasty white sound OK to me.

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