Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Survival Kit for seniors

Have I mentioned I think the term “seniors” applies to last year in HS?

Anyhow, Kent State did a study that I guess showed older people were stupid because 90% didn’t think they were at risk from heat.

We stay inside…so…

Of course, it is possible (as the East Coast showed) for the air conditioning to go out, so maybe a Senior Survival Kit would be thoughtful.

First, even with the air on, you can lose water through sweating you don’t even feel as sweating. I can get tired and nauseated and realize I need a glass of water, even though I am inside and dry.

Plus, you feel less thirst as you age.

So if you know someone older, maybe you want to help them out by assembling water, copies of prescriptions and insurance cards (if the paramedics do come), phone numbers of docs, broad spectrum sunscreen, multivitamins (for stressed immune systems), and a battery-operated fan.

Help older people close blinds, go out only in the morning, eat three meals, but keep them light, and push water and juice.

Check in on people living alone. Then stay and do chores for them (I added that).

We put water in Mom’s hand and she drinks it. Heck, we do that to ourselves. Boy is water boring.

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