Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back to school for allergic kids

Some kids have peanut allergies so severe that riding an escalator where a sandwichy hand rested can almost kill them.

…Much less sitting at a lunch table or sharing with another kid.

If your child is this allergic, sending him or her off on their own can be scary.

Jennifer Moyer Darr, a clinical social worker at National Jewish Health, has some ideas.

Meet with school officials early—teachers, principal, nurse. Clue them in.

Ask how they manage allergies—esp about EpiPens. Who has access and how would the child get the injection, who would give it, and in what time frame?

If the school agrees, develop a written plan.

Some schools have tables for allergic kids—but kids usually want to sit with their friends. Most kids know they are allergic—exposure is accidental.

If your kid is going to “bring,” that is one thing. If the child will eat cooked food, you might want to tour the cafeteria.

Maybe the teacher will let the child have a picture of the food in question taped to the desk—this helps remind everyone at snack time.

Check out

Whew. It’s a minefield out there being a parent.

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