Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cancer: It can help to decide what distresses you most

Cancer used to be considered “a death sentence.” We have kind of gotten away from that, but cancer is still intimidating. Laura Landro, WSJ, Aug 28, 2012, says diagnosed people have many negative concerns—90% worry about eating and nutrition, for example.

About a third worry about feelings. Over half worry about the future. 43% have sleep problems. And 41% worry about fatigue and getting things done.

Cancer Support Community ( is for all these issues. But the latest is “distress screening.”

This type of screening will become the standard of care—what is bothering you? Participants answer 25 questions on the web and get a personalized plan for places to go to address their major concerns.

The doctors also get the patient’s results.

Just answering the questions, some people say, helps them put things in perspective.

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