Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Food with an altitude

Have no idea of the significance of this, if any—just thought it was interesting.

According to Springwise, an outfit that highlights new ideas, British Airways has created Height Cuisine—food that tastes better above 30,000 feet.

Apparently, BA believes people lose 30% of their taste sensitivity above 30,000 feet. They tested recipes and corrected for this.

They looked at thousands of wines for high-altitude taste. (That’s my new job—name it and claim it.)

They boosted the basic sweet, sour, bitter, or salt qualities of food. Citrus was added to sour, and sharp cheeses added more salt.

Couple of thoughts: This is one or two meals—is this such a big deal?

And when you get to Britain—you eat British food, which has sort of an indifferent rep.

And—what about those ham sandwiches you have to buy yourself—do they become more tasteless?

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