Friday, August 03, 2012

Green tea, great idea

Liquid green tea—I mean liquid green tea MIX. You open the little packet (easy, not a big splash mess like catsup at a fast food place), put the dribble of mix in a glass and add water—tasty and good for ya!

This is a great way to deliver single-use drinks. It’s called SereniTea.

It comes in lemon, peach, raspberry, and green tea. Caff and no caff.

It’s available in some stores—or online at

I tried the peach—very real, not icky peach tasting. Sweet, refreshing.

It’s vegan, zero cals, carbs, sugar.

Plus green tea is good for you.

Watch out, Snapple.

Oh--it's under $8 for 15 packs.

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