Tuesday, August 14, 2012

If your kid "brings"

Lunch at school. Yoh-boy. Big battleground. To use “protein” slime in foods or not. Sell sodas? Allow sodas. Serve macaroni and cheese. Confiscate chips.

It’s a mess.

My kid went to parochial school for many years and there was no “hot lunch.” Do they still call it that? Anyhow—she had to “bring.”

We had a bevy of insulated bags, weird little covered dishes.

The other day, I asked her did she remember the salads I made in those dishes—she is 30 now. She said, “No, I traded those immediately.”


She also begged for fruit leather. Pounded jam basically—I always said no, too expensive, not to mention STUPID.

I recently read a list of snacks you could pack…airpopped corn, applesauce, baby carrots, celery sticks, hummus, little low-fat cheese lumps, nuts, pretzels.

Well, you could pack those—someone will eat them maybe—but your kid?

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