Thursday, August 02, 2012

Make your workouts pass quickly

Are you watching the Olys? Me, barely. But a big publisher, MacMillan, thought listening to audiobooks on your iPod might make your personal exercise program more enjoyable.

Audiobooks, if you don’t already know, are read by professional actors and readers—not volunteers. They differentiate the accents, the voices. Usually one gender reads both genders, but it works.

Sometimes you get a reader who irritates, but otherwise, this is a great medium—as I learned when losing a lot of my vision.

Anyhow, if you love thrillers, MacMillan recommends A FOREIGN COUNTRY by Charles Cumming. This is basically a spy thriller with a disgraced spy getting one more chance. I like Cumming—so give it a throw.

Portland detective Archie Sheridan is a regular in books by Chelsea Cain, a writer I find very gruesome. He has sort of a Clarice thing going with a really mean gal called Gretchen, who is supposedly now in jail. The book is KILL ME TWICE.

Great buzz around for GONE GIRL by Gillian Flynn—marriage gone very very wrong. Add another very.

I get my audios free from Overdrive—subscribed to by my library. Start with your library’s website—see if you can download. I have a dinky little $25 MP3 player that works fine—we hooked up speakers—I hate headphones.

Ooops—I am not training. Ya got me!

These are also good for car trips--unless you or the kiddies hate gore.

Of course, books with no gore are a possibility.

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