Friday, August 31, 2012

Our friend olive oil

I once went to Majorca to learn more about olive oil as a nutritional and health powerhouse. The buffets at that conference had a hundred types of olives laid out! Olive trees are low, gnarly and weird. Ah, good times.

Vandana Sebastian wrote about the oil of the olive in the AZ Republic, Aug 31, 2012. This reminded me I need to buy more.

Her take, though, was that olive oil is still a fat—you have to be a little cautious with it. One doctor said people didn’t realize how “fattening” it was.

Other people in the know quoted in this story said sure, olive oil had antioxidants and anti-imflammatories (and studies show these can prevent some cancers), but store brand olive oil is not “pure.” They recommended getting it from a mill close to you (AZ has one).

The knock on olive oil in this was really a knock on the Med Diet—people, this alleged, did not follow it and eat tons of veggies, beans, fruits and nuts—they just slammed in the olive oil.

I thought this was grumpy, but make of it what you will.

Personally, I think we all need a trip to Spain to fill up on the stuff.

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