Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Plastic surgery--NY Housewives style

Those jabbering, fighting housewives! Good gravy. Especially the writer Carole—the slit-eyed, silent, judging one. Anyhow, last evening two of them went to some plastic surgeon and got fillers in their…fanny dimples.

We call that cellulite—and we got to see a LOT of their nether regions and it didn’t look like they needed it.

Also they seemed to say being expensively oiled up and jabbed was…fun.

I am so glad I am poor.

Anyhow, Michelle Talsma Everson, AZ Republic, says there is a diff between plastic and cosmetic surgery, The first makes you look better, the second repairs defects.

Even though surgery can correct some problems, you still need a healthy lifestyle—nutrition, exercise, mental. Oh, THAT!

Hot now is the “mommy makeover”—filling ridges and slumps from childbirth. I guess this gets you bikini-ready.

I am way past this. I am muu-muu ready.

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