Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stress-bod connection

Stress means your body is wildly squirting out substances it thinks will help—adrenaline, cortisol—to make you run faster, think better…But this can definitely be overdone.

Your body can become your enemy with all that substance squirting.

My mother is in the last stages of life—in hospice. Going over, dealing with relatives and friends, maneuvering with family with all different agendas, worrying about money—I am a wreck.

Stomach ache, intestinal issues, headache, crying, anger…I am pillar to post. I have little to no resiliency left.

I know this is not about me, but I am posting this because maybe others in this situation can see the key (I think anyhow) is to maintain, to focus, to try to do or accomplish one task at a time.

…Or get through one minute at a time. Or one day. Break it into chunks.

Any other advice for us?

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