Monday, August 20, 2012

Think about radiation exposure

When I was one-day old, I had breathing trouble in the baby nursery at the hospital—they said my thymus gland was “big” and irradiated it. This was before the “bomb” was even used in Japan.

Then…they learned that the thymus IS larger in babies…oh.

Now I am considered a time bomb for thyroid cancer (next door to the thymus). I am OK so far, but whatever…

So many tests these days do involve radiation and are so freely given. Should you have an input when the doctor says, “CT scan”?

Ken Alltucker, AZ Republic, said CT and MRI carry a risk of excessive radiation buildup—my understanding is that MRI has magnets, not radiation.

Anyhow—Use of such imaging has doubled between 1996 and 2010.

Some organizations are calling for less imaging, such as for sinus infections, or early stages of prostate cancer.

A hospital chain here is zeroing in on this—Banner. It alerts docs when a patients gets three or more scans over 90 days at one of its bospitals.

They are also more cautious on scanning kids—who are looking at many scans over a lifetime.

I guess it’s a matter of ask…question…tune in.

We don’t want more “time bombs” out there.

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