Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Which is worse--in the hospital or out?

Hospitals are bad places—often the people are rude and dismissive and the treatment so cookbook you are swept along in the recipe—get this test, that test.

Then when you leave, you get a handful of papers copied off WebMD or something, along with some prescriptions.

Then what? Take the new meds AND the old, just the new, ask the primary doctor (who had nothing to do with the hospital stay)?

Because of the costs, the feds are trying to force hospitals to take such good care of you, you don’t come back—and if you do, the hospital must pay for your stay.

One in 20 Medicare patients returns to the hospital—it can become a revolving door.

One person I read quoted said he got more info on how to take care a a goldfish than someone leaving the hospital.

I personally remember lying there at home, after people coming and going supposedly caring for me, and thinking, whoa.

I don’t know what the answer is…my late mother went to the ER twice in her final two weeks, the second time, someone said hospice and she went. I still have weird feelings about that. It certainly ended the revolving door thing.

After the first hospital admission in this cycle, they said take her to the cardio, the neurologist, the primary—those are big expeditions—she was ailing!

Did anyone think that through? Also, I got an evaluation form on the stroke care—and it said if you are not the patient, discard this. The PATIENTS had strokes and might not be able to fill this long, repetitive, discursive mess out!

Good grief.

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