Friday, September 07, 2012

Arthritis pain-saving tips

Arthritis Magazine, put out by Health Monitor, carried a piece by Diana Bierman on how to work around pain from arthritis.

A friend and I were just talking about that the other day—the constancy of the pain.

First tip was to plant a container garden—you can put it on a surface so no bending. Get a bucket with a handle.

If you entertain outdoors—use paper plates and disposable utensils.

Wrap rubber bands around the doorknobs to make them more grippable.

Put two cups of rice in a sock and microwave for 2 mins. Molds to the bad spots.

Use an electric razor. If you use a razor with a handle—go to to find a wrap for it.

If the fridge is too heavy to pull open, put a ribbon on the handle so you can loop your hand through and pull with your arm.

Use a grocery cart as your poor man’s walker—I invented that one. Do it in the store, though, or you might look a little homeless.

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