Monday, September 17, 2012

Even older people can donate organs

Darla Carter wrote about this in the Louisville Courier Journal.

Allowing your organs to be used makes something sad or terrible into something at least a little positive.

You can sign up at the donor registry, without making your family think about this and make the decision in a time of stress.

Go to for more info.

Now they are pushing for people 50 and up to donate. No—your organs are not worn out.

At any one time, 115,000 or more people are waiting for organs.

In 2011, a third of donors were over 50.

One myth is that if you are a donor, doctors won’t work as hard to save you. This is completely unfounded. There are strict rules about brain death.

One doctor said he used the livers of 90-year-olds sometimes. “I’ll take anything I can get if the person has 24 hours to live,” he remarked.

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