Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kids often learn to smoke on the job

My daughter took up this lovely pastime in Catholic school—but the principle is the same.

When a youngster gets away from the home base, peers tend to take over the teaching. Rajeev Ramschand, Rand Corp, says 25% of HS kids have a part-time job. This puts them at an increased risk of smoking.

Research this guy did in Balto in 2009 showed a working kid had nine times the likelihood of starting smoking.

He suggests places where kids work—supermarkets, fast food places—emphasize nonsmoking more and become smoke-free if they are not already.

Parents also must emphasize how expensive cigs are—kids should save for a car or something more worthwhile.

Just droning on about future heart attacks probably won’t persuade a lot of youngsters.

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