Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Reusable bags--think before filling

Alison Stanton, AZ Republic, Sept 5, 2012, says reusable bags are a good idea for the so-called environment, but maybe not for your health.

Sometimes you put in a juicy meat package and it may seep a tad. This can contaminate the foods nearby or the next batch of contents. Vom!

They did a study in 2010 at the University of AZ, collecting reusable bags at random from consumers as they entered the store in AZ and CA.

Large numbers of bacteria were found in all—including the kind from poop.

Put a bag with meat juice in a car trunk for 2 hrs—everything increased 10 times! In AZ, summer is so hot this does not happen, the bacteria even can’t take it—but in AZ winter, watch out. Of course in a normal place, summer will breed stuff.

Keep a dedicated bag for meat, they suggest.

Don’t use a food bag for laundry, say.

Only 3% of shoppers ever washed their bags. The cloth ones go in the machine and the ones with a plastic lining take handwashing.

Just a thought.

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