Thursday, September 20, 2012

Running while traveling

No, I do not mean LOCKED UP ABROAD type stuff—I mean keeping up with your jogging. Jason Karp, 2011 Personal Trainer of the Year, has a couple of ideas for how to unwind and stay healthy by exercising on the road. If you are a runner, you probably do not want to miss many days.

First, bring your running shoes and clothes in your carry-on.

Check the weather in your destination so you can pack properly.

Don’t confine yourself to a hotel fitness center on a treadmill after dark—run while exploring a new place.

Ask the concierge if there are safe running routes. Many hotels can direct you to a park or suitable area.

Run immediately after a long trip to relive jetlag.

This is making me tired, but it’s probably good advice. For more ideas, go to

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