Monday, September 24, 2012

Watching reruns can restore you

I think Roseanne Barr has gotten pretty wacky, but when you are fat and sarcastic, I cut some slack.

So I watched a rerun of ROSEANNE over the weekend—and that is a very well-written show. All my gnawing fears sort of fell away and I even laughed out loud.

So is numbing in front of the tube good for you? I think a lot of Americans do that—including me. A prof at the University of Buffalo’s Research Institute on Addictions found that a rerun of a favorite show can restore drive to people who have used up their reserves of willpower and self-control.

With a rerun, you know the “people,” what they will do or say next. You don’t use the same mental reserves.

Of course, the docs did experiments—asking people to write about their favorite show or to list items in their room. Most picked the show. Writing about the show also restored energy levels.

Rereading favorite books also seemed to work.

Soooo..being lulled and entertained can be good for us. Good to know.

It was funny when Roseanne and Jackie’s mother said to a pregnant Jackie—“In your condition you shouldn’t walk,” and Jackie snapped: “Yeah, Mom, I should have driven the car into the restaurant.”

Maybe you hadda be there.

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