Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Wise up--Don' take someone's prescription

How many times have I written this, said this, begged people not to do this—and then I did it!

In my mother’s final illness, I had to walk great distances in hospitals, parking lots, etc., with my arthritic legs. Someone said try this—a prescription NSAID cream. She said it was a low percentage—1%.

Well, surprise—it is supposed to soak in and cut inflammation—and I guess it soaks into your hands, too—and after a week or more, Sat nite, I woke up sweating, ran into a wall trying to get the bathroom, had intestinal problems, and was so shaky I had to get my kid up to help me walk.

I lay there thinking I was following my mother into the grave. I cried. Finally, my daughter said what did you do differently—I thought of that salve. She called the 800 number on it—disconnected. She went online—the side effects were all there.

Soooo….I was shaky all day Monday, too, but can walk without hugging the walls today. I drank a ton of water. I also called the Nurse Line on my health plan—the nurse Janet (thanks, SCAN) said it was probably OK not to go to the ER or Urgent care and just drink clear liquids.

What have we learned? DON’T TAKE ANYTHING NOT PRESCRIBED FOR YOU! I am dubious about half the stuff that IS prescribed.

No fool like an old fool, I guess.

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