Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Truth be told, I am pushing 70 and am having some weird dizzy/nausea spells. Funny story—apparently some older people can’t stand up correctly anymore.


I had the intestinal side effect or separate ailment or whatever it was that took me to Urgent Care. They screwed up my tests—but some industrial strength antibiotic they gave me took that down to a dull roar.

But, weeks out now, I am still dizzy at times and queasy and just…hmmm, what is the term of art… crappy-feeling?

Two days ago, I could not walk to the couch without holding on. I was scared--I ended up in the ER and they could not find anything wrong. They gave me a dramamine pill, which made me sleepy, but I may need to try it again.

I think it’s related to my inner ear—there is such a thing as vestibular disorder, where your ear goo gets crystals in it that screw up your balance. I called them “ear rocks,” which caused my family to mock me (which they love to do, by the way). Then I saw that term someplace else.

There are exercises you can do to shift the "sludge," which I have tried. See Epler on YouTube.

I need a balance specialist—this is Chandler AZ! Home of Sheriff Joe! I see horses running around. We only have one balance clinic here—and it’s not on my plan.

Anyhow, I was interested in a study done in Canada on why older people actually fall—they watched some of us through closed-circuit TV (waiting for pratfalls?).

The biggest cause was not falling over a loose carpet or misplaced piece of furniture—it was turning your head or shifting your center of gravity wrong.

Slipping on water was only 3% of falls.

Soooo…I think we need more balance docs. What do you think?

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