Monday, October 29, 2012

Avoid a bloody, sickening Halloween--but have fun now

Here we go—the required caveats on how to do a holiday. Hey! Enjoy your wild, pagan moment, I say!

Yet, Loyola says “nothing is scarier than a trip to the ER,” a highly questionable statement, but whatEV.

The Loyola docs recommend not using knives to carve pumpkins—use a kit. I have no idea what is in a kit--a laser?--but that is what they said.

If you have a fire pit or candles, supervise.

Be careful climbing ladders to hang decorations. I would say older people and ladders—forget it.

Make sure kids can see out of their costumes. Forget those contact lenses—they cause infections. Also be sure kids are warm enough.

One adult in each group should wear a reflective vest. Give kids glowsticks.

Look over the treats—make sure the small ones won’t choke.

St Louis University docs say one night of candy won’t mean a life of obesity. Eating candy on Halloween, they say, is like taking a vacation—it won’t be a habit.

Still parents should portion it out—if only to prevent the ever-popular Night of the Living Barfing.

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