Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Bald is the new workplace mojo

Or so says a study done at Wharton. Subjects looked at pix of men with hair and with the hair digitally removed. The shorn guys were described as taller, more powerful, and more dominant.

Think Michael Chiklis or Telly Savalas.

The thinning, male pattern baldness (35 million American men) was least attractive.

Bald is associated with the military, athletes, superstars (Bruce Willis, Jason Statham).

Also seizing up the clippers is seen as gutsy and bold.

The cue-ball look, according to a story on this in the WSJ by Rachel Emma Silverman, can be seen as menacing, so try to smile a lot.

I have heard that balding means you have a lot of the sex hormone testosterone—sexy. But I guess if a few hairs still cling, this cancels out the alpha male deal.

Do you agree? I never minded balding

But how do you know ahead of time that you have a nicely shaped head and no crud on it? Part of the gutsy call thing, I guess.

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