Thursday, October 25, 2012

Call in sick...yes, no...

Sue Shellenbarger, WSJ, Oct 24, 2012, tackles calling in sick.

Either you drag in spewing organisms into the air and grossing everyone out or you are tagged a slacker.

This year, those spews may even contain whooping cough—isn’t that neat?

There is sort of a rule that 24 hours after feeling better, you may not be contagious or as contagious.

But you can give people the flu BEFORE you even get symptoms.

You have to gauge how your office culture works—do people stay home or drag in.

Eighty-five percent of employees say they are honest. Most supervisors say they don’t appreciate the fake cough or madeup scratchy or faint voice on the call.

Other bad excuses cited: Dog having a nervous breakdown, upset after watching THE HUNGER GAMES, sick from reading too much, a bird bit her, sobriety tool would not let the car start.

Some offices give rewards for attendance—this means people will come in. Others allot days for any purposes—sick or not.

Some now offer no-fault sick days—to keep flu patients home.

Some employees see how they are doing—if they are staring and it takes twice as long to do an email—maybe home would be better.

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