Monday, October 01, 2012

Do you ever call your plan's nurse line?

You know how doctors won’t call you back—just have someone tell you to get dressed, get a ride, or get in the car reeling sick and go someplace and wait and wait, then ask a question?

“You will have to come in.”

Well, your health plan probably has a number where you can talk to a registered nurse even in the middle of the night.

I have dug out this number recently and used it to good effect. This is a real service. Recently, I had what I think was a med reaction—have been punk for 2 weeks. Just today am feeling somewhat more normal and not walking into walls.

The plan nurse even called me to see how I was doing. When is the last time your doctor did that? Sure, the plans want to keep costs down—but I also don’t want to slog to a doctor for no reason, so we agree.

I also think pharmacists are useful sources of information—they pick up the phone.

No—these people are not doctors. You may indeed need to go to the doctor. But it can be a useful first step.

Think about it.

PS--Donna at SCAN, no, I do not visualize you as this picture.

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